Ford Mustang

2011 Ford Mustang

2011 Ford Mustang

The addition of the Ford Mustang to’s list of Hot Green Machines may be surprising. Sure, of course the ‘Stang is a very cool car—particularly the latest generations which are faithful interpretations to Steve McQueen’s chase vehicle of choice in Bullitt. But a pony car that’s also easy on gas? It’s true!

Of course, we are talking about the base Mustang here with a V6. But if you think the entry-level Mustang is a mere “secretary car” that’s a slouch at the drag strip, you’d be wrong. At least for 2011 and onward models. They have more than 300 horsepower driving the rear wheels from their 3.7-liter motor. That’s more power than a V-8 equipped Mustang from the 1990s and even a good part of the 2000s! Yet the highway gas mileage of these ‘Stangs is superior to that of a Mazda Miata despite having twice the power and 50% more weight.

In fact, the Mustang was the first production car with over 300 hp that is rated 30+ mpg on the highway.

Now, we know that people usually don’t buy Mustangs to be miserly with fuel. They buy them for style, straight-line performance, and fun. But the latest ones don’t just possess these qualities in spades, they also handle well, now have top-rate interiors, are well-equipped and can be optioned out to be very luxurious (including earth-shaking sound systems). Dare we say they are even pretty practical compared to the sports cars we have featured on this site, as it has a backseat good enough for occasional use that can be folded down (at least in the coupe) to reveal lots of cargo space.

There’s a convertible model as well which we absolutely love. Ford has got its bases covered.

The latest iteration of the Mustang is a shining example of how even with modern muscle cars it’s possible to eat your cake and have it too, which is why it is one of favorite Hot Green Machines for 2011.

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